It is important to stay current with immunizations, both for your personal well-being and also because many schools (we offer Pediatric Care in addition to services for adults) have stringent immunization requirements for attendance.  

Also,in many cases there are stringent immunization requirementz which must be met prior to international travel.  As we are an Urgent Care facility, should you find yourself in a situation where you must meet a deadline to receive your immunizations, you can come in to see us on a walk-in basis with no appointment required. Likewise, if you see Doctor Contristano as your primary physician he can provide your immunization shots along with attending to your general medical needs.  

Again, immunizations are not only important for your  personal health and well being to prevent diseases. They are also required by many schools as a mandatory measure for attendance. 

At Immediate Medical Care we are trained and equipped for administration of all vital immunizations, and utilize all proper procedures in their implementation.